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Vehicle Profiles:
2015 Landoll Tandem Sliding-Axle 48' Trailer
2015 Landoll Tandem Sliding-Axle 48' Trailer

Our most commonly used trailer. With a large and open deck, this trailer can haul just about anything. Using this Landoll trailer, we are able to tow multiple vehicles at the same time, construction equipment, disabled trucks, boats, toolsheds, and containers; just to name a few! The two sets of wheels slide forward and backward for the loading and unloading process making operation smooth and easy.

Vehicle Specs
  • 48 Ft. Heavy Duty Deck
  • 20 Ton Winch w/ 150ft. Cable
  • Sliding Axle System
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Outfitted with Straps, Chains, and Chain Binders
  • Emergency LED Lighting